AIDS Walk Austin 2015

November 11, 2015
by Kyle Hoskins
Austin, TX

Austin Lyft drivers teamed up raise funds and awareness for AIDS Walk Austin through the Lyft Austin Weird Facebook community and RideCares. Together, our team Lyft Austin Weird raised over $4,000 and finished as a top ten fundraising team. The walk as a whole raised over $220,000 for AIDS services in Austin. Wow! Thanks for all your support!

RideCares drivers raised $949.08 in pledged tips from 869 supporters. Skylar led the team in fundraising, while Nicole racked up the most passenger supporters. Y'all made me proud to be part of such a wonderful Lyft Austin Weird Team!

For more details on the RideCares Driver contributions:

For more on Team Lyft Austin Weird:

Special thanks to Jay Jayasuriya who captured the walk experience on video:

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