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How To "RideCare"

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Make a Pledge

Pledge a portion (10-100%) of your Lyft and/or Uber tips to a cause of your choice.

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Pick colors to match your style, and we'll create your personalized removable stickers for free!

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Start RideCaring!

Setup a page to track progress, highlight your cause, share referral codes, and receive online tips/donations.

Donate Directly to your Cause
Make your tax deductible donation directly to your cause on your own schedule. To avoid extra 3-10% fees some fundraising platforms charge, RideCares does not act as a middle-man.
Pledged Tip Donation Guarantee
After a certain threshold, drivers are required to submit proof of their donations. Otherwise, the driver will be removed, and RideCares will make the full 100% donation to the cause to ensure the integrity of pledged donations.

Support a cause, increase tip potential, and participate on your schedule!
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