What is RideCares?

RideCares is an ever-evolving community of rideshare drivers who want to make a difference by pledging a portion of their tips to a cause they're passionate about.

Who can drive?

Any caring driver who is registered with a ridesharing company: Lyft, Uber, etc...

What causes can I raise money for?

Any cause! Raise money locally, nationally, or for an international organization!

What's with the in-car stickers?

RideCares provides removable in-car stickers to help passengers identify who is driving for a cause and get the conversation started. If you drive in Austin, we'll work with you to deliver your stickers, otherwise, we can mail them to you.

Does RideCares conflict with Uber's cash-free transaction policy or "tipping not necessary" stance?

When it comes to Uber's policy, stickers/signs that say something like "I donate half my tips" (or anything about tips) are not allowed. Likewise, randomly bringing up to passengers that "I donate half my tips" as if you're prodding them for tips is not allowed. Tips jars are also not allowed, so please refrain from using one as a RideCares driver.

However, if a passenger asks about the sticker in your car, you must remember to explain Uber's tipping policy in your explanation of RideCares. For example:

"Hey, what's this sticker about?"
"Oh, RideCares? It's a community of "ridecaring" drivers who raise money for causes they're passionate about. With Uber, tipping is not required, but on the occasion when I receive them, I donate a portion to [your cause]."

Where can I get help or make suggestions?

When you register with Facebook, you will have access to our driver Facebook group to ask for help, share stories, introduce your cause, and why you're driving for it.

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